Patient Testimonials

Each time I have the chance to welcome newcomers to Richmond, one of the very first questions I ask is if they have found a dentist. I tell them about Drs. Rossetti and Myers, and the very kind and highly competent office staff. All of the people I’ve referred have become patients of these two fine dentists. I frequently receive notes or calls from every person I’ve referred, thanking me for introducing them to such a friendly, caring team of professionals.

Patient Testimonials

I chose Drs. Rossetti and Myers to take care of my dental needs and preserve my smile because of their knowledgeable, professional and personable staff, their state-of-the-art facility and the honest, trustworthy, sensitive approach. I stay with Drs. Rossetti and Myers because no one there has ever hurt me. No pain = no fear. Thanks so much to everyone!

Patient Testimonials

I would highly recommend the skilled team of Rossetti and Myers for all your dental needs. They are knowledgeable, innovative and on the cutting edge of dentistry.You are professionally cared for in a very warm and hospitable atmosphere.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. Michael Rossetti and his wife Dr. Claire Myers are experienced and well-trained dentists. They are very friendly and caring about their patients. You can contact them on a 24/7 basis if you have a need to speak with them.They use state-of-the-art digital x-ray and laser equipment. Their office building and grounds are well maintained with convenient parking for their patients.

The office staff is outstanding in every aspect of their responsibilities.

I highly recommend Dr. Rossetti and Dr. Myers if you are looking for an outstanding dentist. They offer a wide range of services.
Fritz, patient for 16 years

When I found out I needed a root canal I was a bit nervous, but to my surprise, the treatment was virtually painless and completed in a very short amount of time. I was immediately impressed with both the advanced technology used, and the caring and professional approach of Dr. Rossetti and his team. The high-quality dental care and attentiveness to the comfort of the patient greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

I LOVE my mouth guard! It has made such a difference for me! My headaches have gone and I do not wake up in pain! I could not sleep or live without my mouth guard!

Please pass along my thanks to everyone for taking me on such short notice this morning! I haven’t been able to chew on the right side of my mouth for at least a week and I spent much of this weekend with excruciating pain radiating up the right side of my face.

First thing this morning, Dr. Rossetti executed the fastest and most painless root canal in the west, and here it is about 12:45 PM and I’m finishing up my lunch with no problem at all. At one point I suddenly realized I was chewing on the right side of my mouth and I hadn’t even noticed it.

Thanks again!

I want to somehow express how pleased I am to brush my teeth and look in the mirror and smile (big!). It will soon be 10 years since I began treatment in Richmond, staring with periodontal work done next door to your office, followed by treatment with you in 2005.

Our decision to seek your assistance for this process is without regret! My wife and I have been blessed and my smile attests to that. We applaud your staff and your professionalism and we sincerely thank you for everything.