Family Wellness Plan

Family Wellness Plan

Making dentistry more economical for patients without dental insurance

Family Wellness Plan
Dr. Rossetti and Dr. Myers have developed a plan that makes it possible for you to receive the treatment you need, much more economically, even if you do not have dental insurance.

Whether you are a new patient or a patient already in our practice, if you do not have dental insurance you can enroll in our Family Wellness Plan. We designed the plan to provide you an affordable way to have the dental care you deserve.

Great savings on your most needed dental services

Our Family Wellness Plan is a yearly membership program that gives you significant discounts on your dental care throughout the year. In addition to discounts on your exams, X-rays and cleanings, we give you 15% off all treatment fees for all dental services we do in our office. There is no waiting period to receive benefits, no maximum coverage limit and no deductible. You can receive your full plan benefits immediately upon sign-up.

New patient plan cost and benefits

Family Wellness Plan
If you are a new patient, your first year plan membership fee is $399.

You will receive:

Six months later you will receive:

Your two exams, X-rays, cancer screenings and cleanings are at least a $485 value!

Your membership also includes:

If you re-enroll after the first year, your membership eligibility, cost and benefits will be the same as the Family Wellness Plan for established patients.

Established patient plan cost and benefits

Family Wellness Plan
If you are an established patient, your yearly plan membership fee is $299.

You are eligible for the Established Patient Family Wellness plan if:

You will receive within the 12 month period of your plan:

The above is at least a $405 value!

Your membership also includes:

Membership cost guarantee

We will always work to keep the plan membership cost stable. However, if we have to raise the yearly membership fee, it will never increase more than 3% over the previous year.

Getting started is easy

We will answer any of your questions about how our Family Wellness Plan can benefit you, your family and friends. You can simply call us or come into our office, sign-up, and immediately get scheduled to take advantage of your plan’s benefits.

Call (804) 409-3474 or click here for online form.